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Characteristics of Aurora and how to keep it

Aurora will be a Japanese goldfish of the Japanese goldfish type that was created as a result of crossbreeding the Edo jikin, which was created by crossbreeding jikin and toshiki, with shubunkin to make it more beautiful. In this article, I would like to explain in detail the characteristics of Aurora and how to keep it.

What is Aurora Borealis?


Aurora is the result of crossing the Edo Jikin, which was created by crossing Jikin and Higashi-Nishiki, with Shubunkin to make it more beautiful.Aurora is characterized by its body color, which is a mosaic of miscellaneous transparent scales produced by dark and bright asagi, black, and red inherited from Shubunkin, and its long four-tailed tail fins inherited from Jikin and Shubunkin.

Origin of the Northern Lights

Aurora was created by Mr. Yadoru Kawahara, a well-known figure in the goldfish world. Aurora was created by Yadoru Kawahara in the late Showa period (1926-1989), when he crossbred the Edo jikin with the Shubunkin goldfish to make it more beautiful,Initially, he was named "Heisei No. 1" because he was born in the early Heisei period, but a woman who came to ask for Yadoru Kawahara's goldfish suggested that he should be named Aurora Borealis because of its fantastic color and long tail that looked like an aurora, and the name was changed from Heisei No. 1 to Aurora Borealis.This goldfish has an interesting story to tell.

How to enjoy the Northern Lights


How to enjoy the Northern Lights,It has a body color with miscellaneous mosaic transparent scales and a long, beautiful four-tailed tail. If you want to enjoy them, the method of viewing them from above (top view) is recommended.By viewing it with an upper view, one can fully enjoy the long, beautiful four-tailed tail. In addition, there are two types of Aurora, one with a slimmer body shape than the Shubunkin and the other with a rounder body shape than the Jikin, so you can enjoy the characteristics of each. If you want to enjoy their body color, we recommend viewing them from the side (side view) in an aquarium. If you see them from the side, you can enjoy different auroras from the top if you see individuals with glossy scales that sparkle when illuminated by lights, etc.

Points to keep in mind when mixing swimmers

When mixing goldfish with other goldfish and other species, there is sometimes uncertainty as to what species is good and what species is not. First,There is no general prohibition against this or that when mixing goldfish with other species.Therefore, depending on the personality and environment of the goldfish you keep, even species that are said to be bad for each other may get along well with each other. However, there is also compatibility between goldfish.If you put two incompatible goldfish together, there is a greater chance that they will quickly fight, or that only one of them will monopolize the food.However, as I explained in the beginning, there is no prohibition for goldfish to mix with each other, so if you want to mix goldfish, you may do so. Now, we will explain the goldfish that are compatible with Aurora Borealis and those that are not.

Compatible goldfish

The goldfish most compatible with the Aurora Borealis are,These are Ryukin-type goldfish such as Ryukin and Demekin.Since the aurora is characterized by its tail fins, it is also a pleasure to compare the tail fins of many Ryukin-type goldfish that have the same tail fin characteristics.

Incompatible goldfish

Goldfish that are incompatible with the Aurora Borealis are,These are Ranchu-type goldfish, such as Ranchu and Chotengan.Ranchette-type goldfish are not very good swimmers. There is a risk that Aurora will eat the food first. If this happens, only Aurora will grow bigger and bigger, and the Ranchu-type goldfish will remain small. If you really want to mix goldfish, we recommend that you take measures to deal with these problems before you put them in the aquarium.

What to keep in mind when keeping Aurora


Aurora became a hot topic during the Kawahara goldfish boom of the early 2000s. Compared to those days, the price of Aurora has become less expensive,They are not widely distributed and can be expensive in some cases. The Aurora will be a very easy to keep and not much to handle breed.If you are interested in keeping them, you can ask at a specialty store, but since there are very few in circulation, if you have a chance to see them, please enjoy their beautiful appearance that no other goldfish has.