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Symptoms and remedies of the caterpillar

Carrion bugs are a type of blood-sucking insect that stay on the goldfish's body in a long, thin shape and live by sucking blood. If left attached to a goldfish, they can weaken the goldfish and put it at risk of contracting other diseases. In this article, I would like to explain in detail the symptoms and countermeasures for these carrion bugs.

What is an anchovy?


The caterpillars are rod-shaped and colorless to pale yellowish green in colorThe two are From the apical portion, there is a pair of barbs on the ventral surface, larger from the dorsal surface, andIt has a bifurcated projection at the tip, each of which extends horizontally, and this part looks like an anchor, hence the name anchorite.The parasite uses its most distinctive feature, a bifurcated projection at the tip, to parasitize the fish's skin. The parasitized area gradually becomes hyperemic, causing secondary diseases that may result in the death of the fish.

Ecology of Carrion Beetles


Carrion beetles are parasites belonging to the crustacean family Crustacea. Most females are found parasitizing fish.The anchor-like tip, which gives the anchor beetle its name, is an elongated thorax. Females are about 8 cm long and 0.3 mm wide. The breeding season for the anchovy is from May to October, when the water temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. A single female holds 100 to 200 eggs, which hatch in 1 to 3 days. The hatched larvae molt four times to become copepod larvae, which are parasitic on fish. While parasitizing fish, the larva undergoes further molting to become an adult. The lifespan of the female copepod larvae is about 1.5 to 2 months in summer, but in winter, when the water temperature is lower, they may overwinter with the parasite still on their bodies. In this case, the parasite may remain on the fish's body for as long as 6 months. In contrast, the life span of males is only about 3 to 4 weeks.

Symptoms of Ikarimushi

initial symptom


The initial symptom of carrion beetle is the presence of several carrion beetles on the body. However, because the carrion beetles themselves are often small, they are difficult to notice and visible symptoms includeIn many cases, the area with the carrion beetle is only white and slightly raised.

terminal symptoms


At the end of the season, the icarid beetles multiply and dozens or more of them attach. And,If a large number of carrion beetles become infested, the area around the infested area will show a large amount of mucus secretion and hyperemic areas.The parasitized goldfish itself will gradually weaken, becoming completely immobile, losing its appetite, and becoming abnormally thin and dark in color. Later, the parasitized part of the body may become damaged, and pathogens may invade the area, causing secondary diseases such as tail fungus and water mold.

How to Cure the Ichthyophagus

Remove with tweezers, etc.


such as the carrion beetle,If left untreated, blood-sucking bugs can gradually inflame the skin and cause secondary diseases.and should be removed as soon as possible. One good way to remove insects, such as carrion beetles, is to take up the fish and remove the insects directly with tweezers or other tools.When removing the goldfish with tweezers or other tools, it is important to remove them quickly and return them to their original container so as not to put too much stress on the goldfish itself.

Separate the sick goldfish.


Because of their swimming ability, carrion beetles can move themselves from goldfish to goldfish.Therefore, if you notice that they are attached early, move them to a different container.

Treatment with Salt Baths

Salt baths are one of the easiest methods of treatment for the bark beetle. How to perform salt baths,Add 0.51 TP3T of salt to the water in the container containing the goldfish with worms.That's all I can honestly say. If possible, I recommend a salt bath for those aquariums that do not have bugs on them. If you are not careful because you don't see any insects, make sure to give them a good smoke bath because there may be eggs that hatch and the caterpillar babies will be rampaging again.

Treatment with medicated baths

If you want to cure the disease more quickly or more reliably than salt baths, you should try medicated baths. This is a method of treatment using a special medicine that is effective against carabid beetles. It is also possible to use salt baths and medicated baths at the same time.Medicines that are effective against the carrion beetle include "Rifish" and "Mazoten® Liquid".There are

Countermeasures against carrion beetles

When adding a new goldfish

When you purchase a new goldfish,It is quite common for insects to be transferred from the new goldfish to the existing goldfish, so if you are planning to put your new goldfish in with your existing goldfish, be sure to check carefully for insects.If they are present, put them in another container and disinfect it with medicine or salt until the insects are gone.