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How to distinguish male and female goldfish

As you look at goldfish, you may wonder how to distinguish male and female goldfish. So, in this article, I would like to explain about male and female goldfish.

How to distinguish between male and female

There are several ways to distinguish male and female goldfish. I will explain four of them.

1. pursuit of the star

2. Male chases female

3. Look at the buttocks

4. Press and watch your stomach.

pursuit or chase star

Features of the pursuit star

About the Trailing Star

This is the most common way to distinguish between males and females.During the breeding season (around April to May), white dots (pursuit stars) appear on the gills. The goldfish with the white spot is the male.This method is more reliable and less error-prone than the other three methods. It is also less stressful on the goldfish because it can be checked with the naked eye and there is no need to touch the goldfish to check. There is one point that beginners should be aware of. It can be mistaken for white spot disease. The white spot disease appears on the back side of the tail fin, whereas the pursuit star appears on the front side of the gills, so be careful.

The male chases the female.

The male chases the female.

During the breeding season, several goldfish may chase a single goldfish. In many cases, they rub their bodies against each other. At that time, the goldfish that is chasing the other goldfish is often a male. However, it is difficult to determine that the goldfish is a male if it is chasing. This is because there are times when they just chase. Even outside of the breeding season, there are times when the female may chase the male. So,If you see a pursuit star on the gills during the breeding season and the fish is chasing other goldfish, you should make a definite determination that it is a male.

Look at the buttocks

Look at the buttocks

male buttocks Male buttocks
female ass Scalpel buttocks

You can distinguish male and female goldfish by looking at their butt holes. However, the first thing to note is that this method can be hard on the goldfish because you have to touch it, and it is not recommended for those who are not sure if they can necessarily tell the difference just because they see it. Now, let me explain.If the butt hole is a little long and narrow, and if it is a little small to the touch and does not protrude much, it is a male.Females are round, large, and protrude slightly when touched.

Press and look at your stomach

Press and look at your stomach

We recommend that you do not try this method either if you are not confident or if you think you do not know how to do it.Press lightly on the belly of the goldfish and if it is generally soft, it is a female.If you press lightly and find it a little hard, it is a male. The hardness is due to the ribs. Females have eggs in their bellies during the breeding season, so their ribs are on the inside of the fat and therefore soft when the belly is pressed lightly. On the other hand, males do not have eggs, so their ribs are on the outside of the fat to protect their abdomen as much as possible.