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Characteristics of Sakura Ryukin and how to keep it

The Sakura Ryukin is a goldfish with red and white transparent scales and has the characteristics of cherry blossom coloration in terms of goldfish body color. Unlike goldfish with normal scales, it has a unique appearance. In this article, we would like to explain in detail the characteristics of the Sakura Ryukin and how to keep it.

What is Sakura Ryukin?


Sakura Ryukin,This goldfish has the characteristics of cherry coloration in terms of body color with red and white transparent scales. Its body shape and how to keep it are not much different from those of the normal Ryukin goldfish.However, the biggest difference and the most distinctive feature, the cherry-red body color, is immediately apparent even when mixed with regular Ryukin. The scales of normal Ryukin are clearly recognizable, but the scales of Sakura Ryukin are barely recognizable. This gives them a unique appearance and presence.

Origin of Sakura Ryukin

Sakura Ryukin is a goldfish that has recently been recognized as a single species.Originally, only Ryukin with normal scales (ordinary Ryukin) was available to the general public as Ryukin. Transparent scaled Ryukin (Sakura Ryukin, etc.) were not available in the world as "Hanemono".However, from among the same "hanemono," the omnivorous mosaic transparent-scaled goldfish (Edo Nishiki) gave birth to Sakura Nishiki, a red and white transparent-scaled goldfish that has lost its melanin pigments such as asagi-iro and black. The Sakura Nishiki became widely available, and the beauty of Sakura-iro became well known to the general public. As a result, goldfish that had been treated as "honey bees" began to appear more and more in the world. As a result, goldfish with the name "sakura-", which we often see nowadays, have appeared. Sakura Ryukin is one of these goldfish. However, it is not the same as the "hanemono" goldfish of the time.Sakura Ryukin was light in color, so it was crossed with Ryukin and Calico Ryukin to produce Sakura Ryukin, but because of its light color, in order to make the red and white stand out even more, Sakura Ryukin and regular Ryukin were crossed again to produce the Sakura Ryukin that is now available in the world.

How to enjoy Sakura Ryukin


The way to enjoy Sakura Ryukin is how to appreciate the beauty of its cherry-red body color. To do so, we recommend viewing it from the side (side view) in an aquarium rather than from the top (top view) in a pot or other container.By viewing them from the side, you can enjoy the beauty of the scales reflected by LED lights and the gradual change in body color as the goldfish moves. The red and white coloration of the base of the goldfish gives it a brighter and brighter impression than the Calico ryukin, which has the same transparent scales.

Points to keep in mind when mixing swimmers

When mixing goldfish with other goldfish and other species, there is sometimes uncertainty as to what species is good and what species is not. First,There is no general prohibition against this or that when mixing goldfish with other species.Therefore, depending on the personality and environment of the goldfish you keep, even species that are said to be bad for each other may get along well with each other. However, there is also the matter of compatibility between goldfish. If you put incompatible goldfish together, there is a high possibility that they will fight or that only one of them will monopolize the food. Therefore, you should avoid putting incompatible goldfish together, but as I explained in the beginning, there is no prohibition for goldfish, so if you want to mix them, you may do so. Now, I will explain the goldfish that are compatible with Sakura Ryukin and those that are not.

Compatible goldfish

The goldfish that are most compatible with the Sakura Ryukin are Ryukin-type goldfish such as Ryukin and Demekin.The tail fins of Sakura Ryukin-type goldfish are distinctive, so it is a pleasure to mix various species and compare their tail fins.

Incompatible goldfish

Goldfish that are incompatible with Sakura Ryukin are Japanese goldfish such as Wakin (Japanese goldfish) and Comet (Japanese goldfish).Many Japanese goldfish are agile and grow large in a short period of time. If they are mixed with Wagane-type goldfish, please be aware that the Sakura Ryukin may be eaten by other Wagane-type goldfish, such as food, and the difference in body size may cause them to move apart.

Points to keep in mind when keeping Sakura Ryukin


Sakura Ryukin differs from Ryukin only in the body pattern,The way to keep them is not so different from that of normal Ryukin, but unlike Ryukin's chintz pattern, the cherry blossom pattern is created from transparent scales, so the red and white borders are not clearly separated, which is not the case with normal scales, and some transparent scales have glossy scales that shine depending on how they are exposed to light.Many chintz Ryukins are sold in stores, but recently cherry blossom patterned Ryukins are often seen in stores.