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Characteristics of Ping Pong Pearls and How to Keep Them

The Ping Pong Pearl is a goldfish that looks rounded like a ping pong ball used in table tennis. Its body shape makes it popular among women and children, and it is one of the most popular goldfish breeds. In this article, we would like to explain in detail the characteristics of the Ping Pong Pearl and how to keep it.

What is Ping Pong Pearl?


Ping pong pearls are,This goldfish has a rounded appearance like a ping pong ball used for ping pong. In addition, it has pearly scales that resemble the scales of a pearlescent scale.The cute appearance of the ping pong pearl makes it a popular breed among women and children. And the ping pong pearl is also popular because of its short tail fin, which makes it look like it is swimming hard with its entire body when swimming.

Origin of Ping Pong Pearls

Ping pong pearls are,Among the Pearl Scale, a breed that originated in China, those with a short tail fin and a round body became fixed and became the current Ping Pong Pearl. It was around 1955 that the Ping Pong Pearl was introduced to Japan from China.Today, it has become a popular breed among women and children. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular goldfish, especially among young women.

How to enjoy Ping Pong Pearls


The best way to enjoy ping pong pearls is how to appreciate their popular rounded body shape. For this purpose, we recommend viewing them from the side (side view) in an aquarium or similar setting rather than from above (top view) in a bowl or other container. Viewing from the side allows you to see the cute appearance of ping pong pearls and the way they are swimming hard.And the face of the ping pong pearl when viewed from the front is also popular. The ping pong pearl has a large body, but its face is suddenly smaller, and because of this characteristic, the face when viewed from the front is also indescribably cute. We recommend that you appreciate them from the side view because you can enjoy these things. However, if you want to appreciate the balance of the roundness of the body, it is recommended that you view it from the top.

Points to keep in mind when mixing swimmers

When mixing goldfish with other goldfish and other species, there is sometimes uncertainty as to what species is good and what species is not. First,There is no general prohibition against this or that when mixing goldfish with other species.Therefore, depending on the personality and environment of the goldfish you keep, even species that are said to be bad for each other may get along well with each other. However, there is also the matter of compatibility between goldfish. If you put incompatible goldfish together, there is a high possibility that they will fight or that only one of them will monopolize the food. However, as I explained in the beginning, there is no prohibition for goldfish to mix with each other, so if you want to mix them, you may do so. Now, let's take a look at the goldfish that are compatible with the Ping Pong Pearl and those that are not.

Compatible goldfish

Goldfish that are most compatible with the Ping Pong Pearl are Ranchu-type goldfish such as the Ranchu and Edo Nishiki.The Ping Pong Pearl is a very poor swimmer. It is a good match for the Ranchu type, which also has many varieties that are not good swimmers.

Incompatible goldfish

The goldfish that are least compatible with ping pong pearls are Japanese goldfish, such as wakin (Japanese goldfish) and comets.Many Japanese goldfish are agile and grow large in a short period of time. If they are mixed with Japanese goldfish, be aware that the ping pong pearls may be eaten by other Japanese goldfish and the difference in body size may cause them to become separated from each other. Also, if you keep them with Japanese goldfish, you should always watch to see if they are chasing after the ping pong pearls and messing with them, since the ping pong pearls may mess with their characteristic scales.

What to keep in mind when keeping ping pong pearls


Ping pong pearls are,More than half of the individuals that can generally be seen are imported from overseas. Until recently, the source of imports was China, but in recent years, imports from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines have been increasing. In recent years, with the improvement of transportation technology, it has become possible to bring goldfish into Japan without losing much quality. In recent years, transportation technology has improved and it is now possible to bring goldfish into Japan without losing much quality, so it is no longer possible to say that imported goldfish are of lower quality than domestic goldfish.However, for imported ping pong pearls, it is strongly recommended to install a heater because they have grown up in regions where the water temperature is low because they are imported from southern China and Southeast Asia, where the water temperature is warm all year round. If you do not want to install a heater, or if you cannot install a heater because you keep them outdoors, we recommend that you keep domestic ping pong pearls. Ping pong pearls are very sensitive to changes in water quality and temperature among goldfish, so please make sure to always check their condition.