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Causes of Water Mold Disease and Countermeasures

In this article, we will discuss the causes and countermeasures for water mold disease, a disease that gradually progresses with a cotton-like substance on the body of goldfish.

What is water mold disease?


Water mold disease, as the name of the disease suggests, is a gradual progression of water mold on the body.If left untreated, the water mold will progress throughout the body and the water mold will take root and destroy body tissues. This will weaken the goldfish's immune system and increase the likelihood that it will contract another disease. Water mold disease also has other names, such as aquatic fungus disease, aquatic fungus disease, and cottony mildew, but water mold disease is currently the most common name for the disease. Water mold tends to be most prevalent in winter when water temperatures are cooler.

Causes of Water Mold Disease

Causes of water mold disease,It is caused by several types of water mold fungi present in the water.In particular, water mold disease caused by Saprolegnia dicrina is the most common water mold disease. Water mold fungi become more active when the water temperature is below 20°C (68°F), increasing the likelihood of water mold disease. Water mold fungi are present in all waters. The presence of this fungus does not necessarily mean that you will contract the disease.When water mold disease occurs, the disease is caused by water mold adhering to wounds that develop when goldfish fight with each other or when they hit rocks or other obstacles while swimming in the aquarium.

Symptoms of Water Mold Disease

initial symptom


The first initial symptom isA cotton-like substance adheres to parts of the body.The cotton gradually progresses throughout the body. As it progresses, the area around the cotton may become red and bloodshot. It is important to treat it immediately when it is detected.

terminal symptoms


As a terminal symptom,Water mold fungi that have progressed throughout the body extend their mycelium into the epidermis and other tissues in the body, destroying the tissues in that area.Ultimately, they may die from the destruction of the parts of the body that regulate osmotic pressure. Alternatively, the destruction of the body's tissues may lead to death from other concomitant diseases.

How to Cure Water Mold Disease

Separate the sick goldfish.


As a measure against water mold disease, it is recommended, though not always, to keep sick goldfish separate.Water mold disease itself is not a highly contagious disease, which is good, but if a sick goldfish has other diseases that may also be present, it is best to keep them separate as much as possible.

warm up the water

Water mold disease tends to occur when the water temperature is low. Therefore, raising the water temperature can slow the progression of water mold fungus.To raise the water temperature, you will need a heater, which is recommended if you have or use a heater. However, if you do not have a heater, it is difficult to raise the water temperature, so there is no need to do so, as it can be cured by other methods, which are described below.

Treatment with Salt Baths

Salt baths are the easiest way to treat water mold disease.To perform a salt bath, add 0.51 TP3T of salt to the water in the container containing the affected goldfish.To be honest, this is all I have to say. If possible, I would recommend giving salt baths to the tanks that contain goldfish that do not have the disease. If you can, I recommend that you treat the goldfish in the tanks that do not have the disease, as there may be goldfish that have not yet developed the disease but could develop it at any time.

Treatment with medicated baths

If you want to cure the disease more quickly or more reliably than a salt bath, you should use a chemical bath. This is a method of treatment using a special medicine that is effective against water mold disease. It is also possible to use salt baths and medicated baths at the same time.Medicines effective for water mold diseases include "Elvage Ace" and "New Green F".

Water Mold Disease Control

Objects in the aquarium

Water mold disease is,Body wounds and other injuries can cause this, so if you have sharp objects in the aquarium that might peel off the scales, the goldfish may be damaged.If the fish is in the tank, it is better to take it out of the tank or take measures to prevent its body from being damaged.

When adding a new goldfish

When you purchase a new goldfish,Newly arrived goldfish are under a lot of stress because of the completely different environment in which they live. Such a situation can easily lead to water mold disease. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your goldfish in a bucket or other container for one week to 10 days to see how they do before keeping them with other goldfish.However, if you have purchased a new goldfish and plan to keep other goldfish soon, you can reduce the risk of water mold and other diseases by reducing the amount of pathogens by bathing them in salt.