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Size and type of aquarium

First of all, when you want to keep goldfish, you will need something to keep them in. The first thing that comes to mind is an aquarium. However, there are various types of aquariums in different sizes and shapes. In this article, I would like to explain about aquariums.

Points to consider when selecting an aquarium

1. Size

2. Material

3. Shape

The three mentioned above are the main points that can cause hesitation in choosing an aquarium. There are many other options available, but we will discuss the three most important ones in this article.

About the size of the aquarium

When you go to buy an aquarium, the first difficult question is which size to choose.The location and price are also factors in the choice, but another important factor that people who keep goldfish and other fish consider is the number of goldfish that can be placed in the container.Goldfish are fish that can double in length in a year or so, depending on the species. Therefore, even if they are fine when they are small, you may have to replace the aquarium after six months or a year. Therefore,We recommend that you always consider "how many animals of what size will fit in the container" before making a purchase.Now, please check how many goldfish can fit in the size of a commonly sold aquarium. (In this case, the number is written assuming a body length of around 5 cm, which is often seen in goldfish scooping.)

Width × Depth × Height (mm) Water volume (L) Number of fish
300 x 300 x 300 25L 2 to 3
450 x 300 x 360 40L 5-6
600×300×360 60L 10-12
900 x 450 x 450 160L 20-25
1200 x 450 x 450 180L 30 to 35

About the material of the aquarium

1. Made of glass

2. Made of acrylic

The aquariumTwo main materials: glass and acrylicThere are However, glass aquariums are generally used most often. Acrylic aquariums are very durable and have high transparency, but they have the disadvantage of being easily scratched and expensive. Therefore,People who use acrylic aquariums are fine with glass, except for those who keep the largest species of tropical fish.

About the shape of the aquarium

There are three main types of aquarium shapes.

1. Tank with frame

2. Angle-less aquarium

3. Frameless aquarium tank

Water tank with frame

What is a tank with a frame?

Image 1: Tank with frame
Tank image with frame 2

The framed aquarium is a common form of aquarium tank that has been around for a long time. Its characteristic feature is that it has a frame at the top of the tank and other parts of the tank. Therefore,Upper filters and lights can be easily installed.In some cases, they can be put on if the size is just a little bit too small. Another feature is that they are inexpensive. Compared to other types of aquariums, it can be purchased for as little as two-thirds the price. The only drawback, however, is that they are not as good looking as other types of aquariums because of the frames and other parts.

Advantages of framed tanks

Upper filter can be installed.


Disadvantages of framed tanks

...Not very good looking.

angleless water tank

What is a cornerless tank?

Angle-less aquariums are,An aquarium tank made of a single piece of bent glass with no front glass-to-glass joints.It is. The features of this model are that you can see all the expressions of living creatures and aquatic plants when you observe them. The most important point is that there is no need to clean algae and moss from the joints at the corners. As those who have been using the same aquarium tank for a long time know, mosses and other algae form on the glass-glass joints, and even if you clean them, they will soon appear again, which may be stressful for some people. With a cornerless glass, there are no joints, so moss is less likely to appear. Of course, there are drawbacks. The disadvantage is that since the aquarium is made by bending a single sheet of glass, the glass is almost always thicker, so the weight of the aquarium is proportionally heavier. And it is a drawback that is unique to this day and age,When you take pictures of your pet animals for social networking sites, the inside of the water may appear distorted because of the crooked corners. Therefore, it is fine to observe them, but when taking pictures of them, you need to be careful not to include the corners.

Advantages of cornerless tanks

. Very good looking.

Enjoy the creatures from any angle.

Disadvantages of cornerless aquariums

Water tank is heavy.

It can be distorted when taking pictures, etc.

Frameless water tank

What is a frameless aquarium?

Frameless aquariums are,An aquarium that can be made to look as if it were cut out of the water without all the frames.It is a very popular product in the world. The features of this type of aquarium are that it looks very good and allows you to enjoy living creatures from any angle. The most popular type of aquarium tank is the frameless tank.Until a decade ago, the joints were not very good and water sometimes leaked after a short period of use, but in the past few years, technology has improved dramatically and leaks have become less common.The disadvantage is that since there is no frame, you have to use a frameless upper filter and lights, which naturally tends to increase the initial cost. Also, the bottom of the tank is not protected, so there is a risk of cracks in the bottom glass due to shocks, etc. Make sure to use the aquarium mat that comes with the tank.

Advantages of Frameless Tanks

. Good looking

Enjoy the creatures from any angle.

Disadvantages of frameless aquariums

Some items, such as upper filters, cannot be installed.

Must have only aquarium mats on the bottom.