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Types and Features of Heaters

A heater is a device that maintains a constant water temperature. If you go to a specialty store that carries heaters, you will find a wide variety of types. Some people are at a loss as to which one to choose. In this issue, we would like to explain about such heaters.

Types of heaters

A heater is a device that maintains a constant water temperature.There are many different types of heaters available at specialty stores. Therefore, we will divide them into two main categories for the purpose of this article. Please use this as a reference to determine which type of heater is best suited for you.

1. Auto heater (fixed temperature heater)

2. Heater and thermostat integrated (variable temperature heater)

About Auto Heater

Auto Heater Features


Auto heaters (fixed temperature heaters) are heaters that automatically keep the water temperature at a set level. And the set water temperature is fixed for each product and cannot be changed after purchase. Therefore, since they can be used the moment they are plugged in, they are recommended for beginners or those who are not familiar with the machine at all.

Auto heater precautions

What is important to note about the auto heater,Each product has a specific temperature setting, so you need to buy according to the creatures you have.For example, for goldfish, there are heaters for goldfish, but most products have a temperature setting between 18°C and 20°C. However, most heaters for tropical fish have a temperature setting between 26°C and 28°C. If you are a tropical fish breeder and unknowingly use a heater for goldfish, the water temperature may be too low and they may die.For goldfish, you can choose whichever you prefer, whether for goldfish or tropical fish.

Advantages of auto heater

What are the advantages of auto heater,

1. Inexpensive to obtain.

2. Easy operation with fixed temperature setting

3. Recommended for beginners, etc.

If you don't have much money or just want to have a heater anyway, this is a good choice.

Disadvantages of auto heater

The disadvantages of auto heaters are,

1. Temperature setting cannot be changed later.

2. Lack of expandability

Auto heaters are,The fixed temperature setting makes it impossible to change the temperature even if you want to after purchase.In addition, auto heaters are not scalable, so you will need to buy the right product for your current aquarium, but you will need to purchase additional heaters when you enlarge your tank or other equipment.

About integrated heaters and thermostats

Features of integrated heater and thermostat


Integrated heaters and thermostats (variable temperature heaters) are sometimes also called dial heaters. Integrated heaters and thermostats are,The difference with auto heaters is that the temperature setting can be changed after purchase.This allows each keeper to freely change the temperature setting according to the purpose and the creatures being kept, and is recommended for experts and those who keep a variety of creatures.

Advantages of integrated heater and thermostat

The major advantage of the integrated heater and thermostat is,

1. Temperature setting can be changed after purchase.

2. Rich expandability

By changing the temperature setting, it can be adapted to various uses. Also,Some products may have multiple cords extending from the thermostat to the heater. In such cases, you can purchase only the heater part, which is sold separately, and attach it to your aquarium without replacing it when you change to a larger aquarium than the one you are currently using.

Disadvantages of integrated heater and thermostat

The major disadvantage of integrated heaters and thermostats is,

1. expensive

2. May be difficult for beginners

They tend to be more expensive than auto heaters. In some cases, the price difference can be two to three times that of an auto heater, so please consult with your wallet when purchasing.When keeping ornamental fish for the first time, it is difficult to pay attention to the water temperature when there are many things to do and questions to ask, such as "What temperature should I keep the water at now? It is therefore recommended that you start with an automatic heater after you have become accustomed to keeping the animals.