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How to feed

When you start keeping goldfish, the first obstacle is not knowing when to feed them. Therefore, I would like to explain how to feed your goldfish.

How to feed

Time of day to feed

Goldfish and killifish should be raised in the morning and afternoon.Especially in the morning is especially good. Goldfish will eat before they start to move, and after they move, they are tired and sleep, so they will not eat if you feed them at night.Therefore, if you give it to them, try to give it to them in the morning as much as possible.

Amount of bait

As for the amount of bait,It is best to change it depending on the time of year and changes in water temperature, but the basic rule is "no more than 5 minutes per day.Don't raise the amount above that because they will not eat it and it will cause the water to become cloudy, etc. In fact, it is impossible to know how much food the fish will eat in 5 minutes at the beginning. So, if there is still some bait left after 5 minutes, remove it with a stick or something and throw it away. As you do this, you will get an idea of the approximate amount of food. However, if you cannot watch for 5 minutes because of work or other reasons, you can eat the amount of food within 1 minute.

Frequency of feeding

The frequency of feeding is based on "once a day".Once a day" is fine throughout the year, but when the water temperature is low, goldfish and other fish do not move much. Therefore, goldfish are not so hungry, so once every two or three days is fine.Conversely, when the water temperature is high, the fish will eat even if fed "two to three times a day. However, please note that the more often you feed, the shorter the period of time the water will be dirty, so you will need to change the water frequently.

Seasonal changes

Japan has four seasons,There are certain things to keep in mind for each season when feeding goldfish.First, spring is the time of year when goldfish spawn. Therefore, you should feed your goldfish as much as possible, especially female goldfish. Spawning is the most strenuous activity in a goldfish's life, so feed them nutritious food so that they will have the strength to spawn. Summer is the time of year when goldfish grow the most. Therefore, some people who want to make their goldfish bigger or who are raising fry born in the spring feed them not only once a day but two or three times a day. But there you should be careful,Faster feeding frequency means proportionally faster water contamination, so the frequency of water changes must be faster.So, as noted in the above section, once a day is fine for those who do not do many water changes. In the fall, there are two types of people: those who feed earlier as an extension of summer, and those who feed later as we head into winter. Not that only one is better than the other, but considering that the temperature sometimes drops suddenly in the fall, it may be wiser to gradually reduce the amount of feed or slow down the frequency of feeds for the winter. Winter is the time of year when goldfish have the least appetite. So it is no problem to feed them less frequently or in smaller amounts than described in the above section. For example, if you want to reduce the frequency, you can reduce the frequency from "once a day" to "once every 2 or 3 days," and if it is the amount, change it from "within 5 minutes a day" to "within 2 or 3 minutes a day" so that the water does not get too dirty. Goldfish show different expressions depending on the season, and they will do better if you change the way you feed them accordingly. (What I have written in this section is for a situation where there is no heater in the aquarium.)