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Features of Comets and How to Keep Them

The comet is a goldfish imported from the United States. The comet is a very beautiful goldfish with a slender, elongated head to the tip of its tail fin. In this article, we would like to explain in detail the characteristics of the Comet and how to keep it.

What is Comet?


The comet is a species that emerged from a series of natural crosses in the United States of crucian carp and Ryukin goldfish that were exported from Japan to the United States. The comet is slender in body shape, like crucian carp and carp.The comet's most distinctive feature is its long tail fin compared to that of crucian carp and carp.And the way the comet swims in the water, drawing its long, white tail fin in an elongated orbit, gives it the name comet, which means comet in English.

Origin of Comet

The comet is a species born from a natural cross between a crucian carp and a Ryukin that went from Japan to the United States.It was created by culling goldfish discovered by a man named Augo Mulert when a mutant Ryukin goldfish imported from Japan was found in a Washington Fisheries Commission pond in the United States. The comet has a long tail fin, a feature thought to have been created by crossbreeding with crucian carp after the culling.

How to enjoy Comet


The best way to enjoy comets is to appreciate their beautiful form, which extends from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail fin, which is their most distinctive feature. To enjoy it to the fullest, it is recommended to view it from above (top view) rather than from the side (side view) in an aquarium.Viewed from above, you can see the comet's beautiful swim, straight as a comet, which gave it its name.

Points to keep in mind when mixing swimmers

When mixing goldfish with other goldfish and other species, there is sometimes uncertainty as to what species is good and what species is not. First,There is no general prohibition against this or that when mixing goldfish with other species.Therefore, depending on the personality and environment of the goldfish you keep, even species that are said to be bad for each other may get along well with each other. However, there is also the matter of compatibility between goldfish. If you put incompatible goldfish together, there is a high possibility that they will fight or that only one of them will monopolize the food. However, as explained in the beginning, there is no prohibition for goldfish to mix with each other, so if you want to mix them, you may do so. Now, we will explain which goldfish are compatible with comets and which are not.

Compatible goldfish

Goldfish that are most compatible with comets are Japanese goldfish, such as Wagane and Shubunkin goldfish.The comet itself can grow to over 20 cm in length. Therefore, goldfish of the Japanese goldfish type, which are also large, are the most compatible. The next best match is the Dutch type, such as the Holland lionhead and Azumanishiki. Many Dutch types are good swimmers to some extent, and many of them grow large, so they are good companions for comets.

Incompatible goldfish

Goldfish that are incompatible with comets are Ranchu-type goldfish such as Ranchu and Chotengan.Ranchu-type goldfish are not very good swimmers. Ranchu in particular are not good swimmers, so if they are kept with comets, which are good swimmers, the comets may eat all the food. If this happens, only the comet will get bigger and bigger, while the Ranchu will remain small, so not many people put them in the house.

What to keep in mind when keeping comets


Comets are one of the fastest growing goldfish, partly because they are descended from crucian carp.If you are currently keeping a Comet and plan to keep another goldfish, you should do so with caution. If the new goldfish is smaller than the Comet, it is likely that the Comet will eat the food first. The comet is not a suitable goldfish for those who keep it in a small aquarium because its body grows quickly. If it grows too large too quickly, it may make it impossible to keep other goldfish. The best place to keep comets is in a pond or large aquarium. Especially in ponds, comets need to grow up quickly because they are likely to be targeted by many foreign enemies such as crows and cats if their body size is small. Therefore, the fast-growing comet is the best goldfish to keep in ponds.