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Characteristics of the apex eye and how to keep it

The apex eye is a goldfish with a dorsal finless feature found in the Ranchu lineage and eyes protruding like those of the Demekkin, but the apex eye has black eyes that point upward (at the apex). In this article, I would like to explain in detail the characteristics of the Apex Eye and how to keep it.

What is apex eye?


The apex eye is,The Apex Eye is a goldfish that has the dorsal finless feature found in the Ranchu lineage and has eyes that protrude like the Demekkin, but while the Demekkin has black eyes looking sideways, the Apex Eye looks upward (to the apex).Among freshwater and saltwater fish, it is very rare to see a fish with its eyes looking upward, and its special and strange appearance has made it one of the rarest fish species in the world.

Origin of the Apex Eye

The apex eye is,Although people tend to think that it is a variety born from the Ranchu and Dimegane because of its distinctive appearance, it is in fact a variety born from a fixed mutation of the Red Dimegane. In China and other countries, we can see not only red but also tricolor (calico) and black tinged eyes, which are also varieties born by mutation of tricolor and black dekumegane, respectively.In other words, the apex eye is a dekomegane without a dorsal fin with its eyes facing upward. There is an anecdote that the apex eye existed in the Qing Dynasty, and that after many generations of breeding in jars with progressively narrower upper mouths, the black eye that was originally attached to the side of the eye gradually moved upward to catch even a little light, and moved above the eye as we see it today, but there are many uncertainties. However, there are many uncertain parts and it cannot be said with certainty. Therefore, compared to other goldfish, the Tingtien eye is one of the most mysterious goldfish, including how it was born. The Ting Tian Yuan was originally favored by the upper class of the court, and has long been treated as an out-of-bounds goldfish.

How to enjoy Tingtian Eye


How to enjoy Ting Tian Gan,It has distinctive upward-pointing eyes. For this reason, it is recommended to view them from above in a pot or other container (top view) rather than from the side (side view) in an aquarium or other container.By viewing them with an up-eye view, you can feel as if you have been eye-to-eye with the apex eye. In addition, you can enjoy the expression and characteristics of each individual Tingtien eye by viewing it with an upward glance. For example, you can enjoy various individuals with leaning eyes, black eyes facing forward or, conversely, slightly backward. If possible, it is recommended to view the fish from the side as well, as it is possible to see the part of the fish without the dorsal fin, which shows a different expression from the top view.

Points to keep in mind when mixing swimmers

When mixing goldfish with other goldfish and other species, there is sometimes uncertainty as to what species is good and what species is not. First,There is no general prohibition against this or that when mixing goldfish with other species.Therefore, depending on the personality and environment of the goldfish you keep, even species that are said to be bad for each other may get along well with each other. However, there is also the matter of compatibility between goldfish. If you put incompatible goldfish together, there is a high possibility that they will fight or that only one of them will monopolize the food. However, as I explained in the beginning, there is no prohibition for goldfish to mix with each other, so if you want to mix them, you may do so. Now, I will explain the goldfish that are compatible with Ranchu and those that are not.

Compatible goldfish

The goldfish that are most compatible with the Tingtian Eye are Ranchu-type goldfish, such as Ranchu and Edonishiki.The Tingtian eye variety is a goldfish that is very prone to eye problems, partly because of its protruding eyes. Therefore, we recommend a Ranchu-type goldfish, which is not a good swimmer, because it is less likely to eat food first or be chased by other goldfish, which can cause stress.

Incompatible goldfish

Goldfish that do not go well with the Tingtian Eye are Japanese goldfish, such as Wakin (Japanese goldfish) and Comet (Japanese goldfish).Many Japanese goldfish are agile and grow large in a short period of time. When mixing goldfish with Japanese goldfish, we recommend that you pay close attention to whether or not their apical eye is being chased by the Japanese goldfish, or if they are poking you in the eye.

Points to keep in mind when keeping a Ting-Ting Eyes


The apex eye is,Although the same methods for keeping them as for the Domegane can be used, we recommend that you keep them with caution because their eyes, which point upward and differ greatly from those of the Domegane, sometimes let their black eyes out of the water and into the air when they come to the surface to eat food. In addition, the most important thing to keep in mind when keeping demeruccins and tooten-eyes is the ornaments and driftwood that enhance the appearance of the aquarium. If the ornament or driftwood has sharp edges, remove it from the aquarium immediately. If there is a sharp part, it may hit (catch) the eye of the apex eye, etc., and if it hits the eye, it may injure the eye, or at worst, it may blind the eye.The Tingtian Eye has not been popular among Japanese people for a long time because of its striking appearance, but in recent years, due to the social networking phenomenon, more and more people have been attracted by its distinctive personality, and demand for the breed has been gradually increasing. However, since there are few opportunities to actually see them, we recommend that those who are interested in Ting Tian Gan ask at a specialty store whether they are in stock or not.