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Knowledge of goldfish scooping (how to scoop)

I think the most enjoyable moment in goldfish scooping is when you scoop a goldfish. However, although it looks easy, it often goes wrong when you actually do it yourself. In this article, we will explain how to scoop goldfish.

How to scoop goldfish


The most enjoyable moment in goldfish scooping is when you scoop a goldfish.It looks easy, but it often doesn't work when you actually do it yourself.Therefore, I will explain the key points of scooping in goldfish scooping.

Scooping Procedure

Check the front and back of the poi

There is a front and back for the goldfish scoop poi. Please check the poi section for details.Use the front side to place the goldfish on. If you use the back, the durability against the weight from above will be less than the front.So, please check the front and back of the poi as soon as you receive the poi and bowl.

wet a piece of paper

After checking the front and back,Next, wet the paper on the poi once. Here, it is important to note that you do not wet part of it, but all of it.Many people think about keeping the paper as wet as possible, but if you check where the tear is, you will often find that the tear is at the border between the area wetted by water and the area not wetted. So, wet the paper once near the surface of the water to make sure there are no dry areas before you start scooping.

Decide where to scoop

In goldfish scooping, the worst thing you can do is chase the goldfish. Surprisingly, many people chase goldfish.When chasing goldfish, moving the poi in the water can cause the paper to tear as it is very subject to water resistance.Even if you are able to scoop a goldfish by chasing it, the goldfish itself may be startled and move its fins violently, which will cause the paper to tear. To avoid chasing goldfish, first decide on a scooping range and try to scoop only goldfish that enter the range, and if a goldfish runs out of the range, do not chase it and give up.

How to put in and out of water

When you put the poi in the water,To prevent the force of water from being applied to the paper as much as possible, when inserting and removing the paper, the poi should be placed at an angle and water should enter through the edge (plastic part) of the poi, and when removing the paper, the water should also enter through the edge at an angle.As for the angle, 45 degrees is ideal. However, if you have goldfish on the poi, you should take the poi out of the water at about 30 degrees because of the weight of the goldfish.

Moving in the water

Once the poi is in the water,Now move horizontally in the water with the paper part facing up. Be aware of the horizontal movement to protect the paper from the force of the water flow as it moves.Then, when you are sure the goldfish is on the paper, quickly slant it and repeat the process to get it out of the water.

How to put goldfish on

Be careful to orient the goldfish when placing them on the poi to reduce the possibility of tearing the paper.Place the goldfish from head to belly on the paper and the tail fins should be outside the poi.Goldfish may be startled and lash out when they emerge from the water. If the tail fin is on the paper at that time, it may tear due to damage to the paper, so be careful. Also, instead of chasing after the goldfish, read the goldfish's movements and wait ahead of it so that you can set the poi under the goldfish and scoop calmly.



Above item,We have explained how to scoop goldfish, but ultimately it is entertainment, so the most important thing is to enjoy it first.It is necessary to work hard, but working too hard can diminish the enjoyment. If you are paying to do something, you need to enjoy it. For some people, the greatest enjoyment comes from achieving high goals. People have different ways of having fun, so I hope you will think about that on an individual basis. For example, if the goal is simple, such as to catch at least one fish today, it is easy to relax and try to enjoy the game. Whenever I have the opportunity to play goldfish scooping at festivals, I try to enjoy it as much as possible.