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Knowledge of goldfish scooping (poi version)

A poi is used as a tool to scoop goldfish when scooping goldfish. Therefore, the poi is more important than anything else in goldfish scooping. In this article, we will explain about poi in goldfish scooping.

About Poi


First of all, poi is very important for goldfish scooping.A poi is used as a tool to scoop goldfish in goldfish scooping.One poi can make the difference between catching goldfish or not, so let's get to know the basics first.

Types of Poi

Paper thickness

Poi are assigned numbers according to the thickness of the paper. General,Those used in festival stalls are any of the poi from No. 4 to No. 7. The larger the number, the thinner the paper. In other words, the larger the number, the harder it is to scoop goldfish.Here is a description of each poi.
The No. 4 poi is good for kindergartners and younger elementary school children to enjoy the fun of scooping goldfish.
The No. 5 poi is suitable for older elementary school students and those who have never scooped goldfish before or have done so several times.
The No. 6 poi is recommended for experienced anglers and those who want to enjoy attacking and defending themselves against goldfish.
Poi No. 7 is a great challenge for those who honestly want to see despair, and those who have no mental problems if they can't get it.
No. 4 feels like drawing paper to the touch. No. 7 is so thin to the touch that one might think it is only as thick as a pair of tissues, so it is used only by those who are confident that water will soak through it in an instant. For this reasonAt local festivals and other goldfish scooping events run by local governments, No. 5 and No. 6 poi are often used. In addition, No. 5 poi are often used in goldfish scooping competitions.However, some of the vendors change the thickness of their poi based on who they see, so be careful when showing your good side to women or people you like, such as men.

Front and back of poi


For poi,There is a part with paper (front) and a part without paper (back). When scooping goldfish, the part with the paper should be facing up and the part without the paper should be facing down.If you place the goldfish in the water with the unpapered side up, the weight of the goldfish and water pressure will cause the paper to be strongly impacted on the underside when the goldfish are scooped, putting stress on the surface where the paper and the frame are placed and causing it to peel easily. Therefore, please scoop goldfish with the paper facing up.

before doing

Food stall owner


At larger festivals, vendors and others may have goldfish scooping stalls. In such cases,It is also important to first identify the owner of the stall and know his/her habits.For example, impatient people may pressure you to take the poi as soon as you hand it to them, or they may stop you from taking it as soon as they see that the poi is slightly torn. Of course, there are also very nice owners, so you can enjoy goldfish scooping with them easily. If you understand the owner's habits, you can enjoy goldfish scooping more comfortably and calmly.


If you really want to take goldfish,First, put aside your pride and choose a stall for goldfish scooping by casing the stall. One of the points to consider is whether or not there are crowds of people around the stall. It is important to check the number of people around the stall because if there are many people around the stall, the vendor will not be able to do anything bad, and there will be a crowd around the stall where you can catch goldfish.Next is the choice of poi. Of course, most stalls do not allow the goldfish scoopers to choose, so tell them that children and women will be scooping and get a poi that is easy to catch. Of course, you will be lying, so it is best to think that you can only use it once. Generally speaking, children and women are more likely than men to be excited when they catch a goldfish, so they are more likely to give you a poi that is easy to catch, which is also good for advertising purposes. Also, it is a good idea to check the thickness of the poi used by observing the person scooping up the goldfish when you visit the site to see if the poi does not tear easily when immersed in water.