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Type and shape of bait

When you go to buy food, you may be surprised at the variety of food available. It is hard to know which bait in the world is the best. So, in this article, I would like to explain the different types of bait.

About the type of bait

When keeping goldfish, food is indispensable, but when you actually go to the food section of a store, you will find that there are many kinds of food. It is difficult to know what to buy among them. We recommend that you use "shape" and "floatation" as the decision criteria when you divide bait into different categories. So, I will explain about "shape" and "float/sink" in this article.

About the shape

1. flake

2. Grain

About Flake

Flake Features


This is a familiar shape of bait that has been around for a long time. Some of you may have seen it often at schools and other places.Recently, the number of products has decreased, but they are still very popular.

Advantages of flakes

1. Easy to digest

2. go wide

Most people use flakes because they are good for digestion.

Disadvantages of flakes

1. Easy to get dirty

The biggest disadvantage of flakes is that they are easily soiled.Flakes quickly absorb water and sink to the bottom, where they become food for pathogens and other organisms. And if they stick to the sides of the aquarium, bacteria can grow there and become the source of the odor.

About grains

Grain Characteristics


Grains, as the name implies, are bait in granular form. Recently,The number of grain products is swelling. There are bait products used by both beginners and experts.

Advantages of grains

1. Wide variety of products

2. Easy to count

3. Takes time to sink.

4. there is a bait for subsidence.

Granular bait comes in a wide variety of sizes and prices, so even first-time buyers can easily buy it. And, they are also available in a wide variety of sizes and prices,Since there is less difference in the size of each bait compared to flakes, it is possible to count the bait, so we recommend grains for beginners who are not yet familiar with the sensation.If you have given too much, you can easily save it with mysis.

Disadvantages of grains

1. lost

In fact, there are so many different types of granular feed that it is difficult to find the right one. So, we have created the following list to help you find the right type of food,If you are a beginner, I recommend looking for a less expensive and more digestible bait to buy.I will do so.

About the ups and downs

1. Floatability

2. Settling properties


Floatability Characteristics


Most commonly sold bait is flotation. Floating bait floats on top of the water at first, then sinks as it absorbs water and other substances. Therefore,How to feedAs mentioned in the previous section, bait that is not fully consumed within 5 minutes can be scooped out with a lure.

Advantages of floatability

1. Good hygiene

2. Available at low cost

Floatability is especially recommended for beginners because there are more products and a wider range of prices compared to sinkability.

Disadvantages of floatability

1. Incompatibility of some types

Levitability, because when goldfish eat, they suck in the food above the water,Since air is inhaled along with the food, some species may, in rare cases, develop "gas disease" due to excessive air intake.


Settlability Characteristics


Sedentary bait is bait that sinks to the bottom of the water the moment it is placed in the water. It is recommended for some species, such as the ranching type.

Sedentariness Advantages

1. Suitable for Ranchu type, etc.

It is suitable for species that have difficulty coming to the water, such as the ranchu type. It is recommended for those who keep ranchu.

Disadvantages of settlability

1. Easy to get dirty

Sedentariness is,It sinks quickly and the water quickly becomes dirty.So, with the exception of a few types, it is not recommended.